Preparing for success.


I would really like to make a big change but wait a minute that requires a lot of thought and planning. The best thing is you already acknowledge you want to change this is one of the biggest steps. Now make a list of all those things you would like to accomplish start with the first 12 months and work your list up to 5 years.


Are your goals smart goals I don’t mean clever, but I mean the following?

1 Are your goals simplistic?

2 Are your goals measurable?

3 Are your goals attainable?

4 Are your goals reachable?

5 Are your goals timely?

You don’t want to set goals that are complicated in the first stage your goals need to be measurable are you making progress? Are your goals truly attainable? Do you feel that your goals can be reached? And are your goals timely? By following this method you have the recipe for success and have already identified the most important issues.


If you adopt this process in your thinking you will soon find yourself on a road to vast self-improvement. Do not be anxious to allow your mind to see the full potential in you when you see it you can begin to believe it.


Areas you may want to concentrate on could be:


Health                  What steps can I take to get fit?

Family                  Create magic moments that bring about bounding.

Money                 Take a realistic view of finances and plan your budget.

Friendships         Are they really an equal exchange of time and effort?

Help                     Who deserves my time?

Vision                  By making a list of what you don’t want you will find what you do want.

Work                    What contribution do I make?

Development    Do something that makes you feel fulfilled.


What’s stopping you? Make that list today of what you want from your life. Yes, when you put your mind to it you can achieve. Don’t any longer procrastinate. Today is your new beginning. Finally, only watch two hours of TV a day and limit your social media time put your imagination to its best use one step at a time you will find the new you.

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