Is Self-Love So Wrong?

So, we find ourselves in the week of love, like Christmas this week brings out not only the best but sadly the worst in human relationships. How do we feel walking the streets or Broadway of our locality watching couples in coffee shops or bistros Does it bring to us feelings of being alone? Are we hopeful we will solve our social status soon as we scan dating sites to meet our dream partner hoping it’s not another like the last? But wait a minute are we yet to find the best love of all self-love and care? Whitney Huston sang about it when she recorded the greatest love of all books are written on the subject yet many of us still feel so left out in the cold.


Self-love is not selfish not at all it is taking time to discover the real you treat yourself yes treat yourself find some important you time time you put aside just for you with no interruptions. Yes, begin to believe you are the centre of your energy that you give out 365 days of the year a strong confident you.

The responses you give out will make all the difference to your inner peace and daily happiness. I feel I can hear your response, but that must be a two-way street I can only work with what I have. Think for a minute even in the hardest of circumstances if you had not of slammed the phone down or shouted before you walked away would you not have the upper hand. At this very moment, the other person might then hold a sense of guilt or shame that might just wake them up to the reality you so want them to see before it’s too late.  Would you not feel calmer in yourself and be able to think clearly without self-reproach? Maybe it would have saved that extra drink you had last night in the moment of frustration. The beautiful fact is that it is never too late to seek empowerment, empowerment to what? You may rightfully ask.


Well, look at it this way every time your frustration results in anger you give your empowerment away often to an undeserving recipient. Why make yourself weak we are all worth so much more let us take a little time to explore your options.


Knowing You Can Do It & Believing in Yourself

The true meaning of life lies in following your goals it is far better to have at least tried your dream than to live a later life of regrets of not reaching out. Harbours are a safe place but if the ship never leaves that harbour has it ever been tested or stretched in its ability. Have you had goals in the past you want to achieve, and the significant other has talked you out of it. Did it seem like a great idea did you feel you would enjoy it no one should have talked you out of it accept in very few circumstances. Sometimes people talk us out of what we want to achieve for very selfish reasons they fear being left behind or appearing inferior once we have achieved. We never want to neglect a treasured partner, but there is a balance in not allowing them to control us. Relationships are the most difficult thing of all to perfect look at it this way to imperfect people in a world full of struggles and challenges trying to get it right it needs to be a balanced input. Support each other don’t be afraid to dream your mind was made creative for a reason.


Am I satisfying myself or putting others first?

Let’s go back to childhood were you lucky enough to enjoy the perfect childhood life of security warmth and unconditional care. Many adults today simply cannot relate to that ideal upbringing. Do you relate more to your upbringing being rewarded on achievement when you achieved you were rewarded but the rest of the time seemed mundane? Did it create in you a desire to please others for the reward you knew it would bring? Maybe we carried this principle over into adult life knowing if we pleased people we would get the reward but wait a minute what about the inner you. Did you become so set on others approval there was never time for you? Maybe you would like to take time to think it though do you partake in anything to give you pleasure or are you so focused on the approval of others around you.


But how can it change?      

The good news is that regardless of how life’s journey may have been it is never too late to achieve your goals in life. Life improvement normally starts with a change of mindset a sense of adventure. Seize the moment today what interests you? What would you like to do just for your satisfaction and sense of worth? There is absolutely nothing wrong with self-love it could even balance a flagging relationship out what have you done for yourself lately?  Take a little time today to treasure you feel the energy and comfort it brings and leave those negative feelings were they belong in the past.

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