A Great Journey Starts with Mindset

Hi, my name is Dave Pender

In the latter part of 2013, I moved from a remote part of the British Isles with a population of 2000 people. It was the kind of environment where if you forgot what you were going to do for the day just ask someone and they would remind you.

My journey took me to London UK and at the time I must have appeared in resemblance to Crocodile Dundee (without the knife). I was out of my comfort zone and had to discover new ways to survive amongst 8.5 million people from around the globe.

Little did I know I was about to start one of the most exciting parts of my life albeit in my early fifties trust me it’s never too late to start over.

My first experience in London was to gain a voluntary role in addiction rehabilitation working as a meet and greet to clients who had just been released from one of the various HMPs (prisons) in the South East of England escorting them on their first day of release across London often to a halfway house for reintegrating into the community.

I was to go on to discover Carl Rodgers and the person-centered approach to counseling and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs attending night school. It was at this time I took an interest NLP and qualified as a master, the things I’ve learned have benefited my life greatly and transformed me into the person I am becoming.

I progressed within three and a half years from being unqualified to University by means of taking an adult foundation course in Psychosocial education taking me into a position to enter one of London’s leading universities on a three-year BA Integrative Counselling course.

I feel that my journey has been life transforming and I have created Confidence Coaching for Life Today to freely share with you my passion for three things.

   It is never too late

2     Education is open to anyone

3    You can empower your own life

Please remember to follow me on my word press blog as I weekly share with you the great benefits of self-actualization using person-centered, cognitive and N.L.P techniques for you to empower your own life and it’s all Free feel confident to share your passion as you feel the benefits of following me.




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