Do not let anyone steal your dreams or tell you that you will never make your dreams come true follow your passion. It is only by following what motivates you that you can be truly motivated and sometimes money has to be a secondary concern.  In this life question everything and take nothing at face value and if you want something grasp the nettle and go after it. These two traits — questioning everything and being unafraid to go after what I want — defined who I am today.

You do not have to settle for that average 9–5 job lining company profits. Its nice to play safe and have that regular salary but does it put the fire in your heart? Do you wake up jumping out of bed not being able to contain your excitement for the day ahead or is there a voice within asking what if? How long is that safe salary guaranteed for when your life is controlled by other decision makers have you really prepared for your future?

  1. When Its Time to Move On

The World is full of people who hate their jobs and know that they want to do something different but stay in their hated jobs for a long time nonetheless. Their main reason for not leaving is that they haven’t figured out what it is that they want to do or set goals for themselves. This thinking is flawed because you won’t learn or discover your ideal lifestyle by sitting around and passively going through the mundane routine while you may be thinking about it. If the current situation isn’t working, you need to find something else.

What happens when you leave the workplace even without knowing what you will do next when, suddenly, figuring out your next steps becomes urgent. That urgency may be very uncomfortable but think about this it could happen one day without you being in control of that decision your choice may not come into it.  It can also be an incredibly powerful time in your life because it frees you up to invest all your energy into finding the next thing. Finding the next thing goes from optional to required lay a wise foundation.


  1. Follow Your Dream

Explore life and how it relates to your motivation. The reason it’s important is that those interests tap into your unique motivations that separate you from others. Pursuing them sets you on the path of unlocking who you are and your creativity. It will at first no doubt prove a challenging time both financially and emotionally, but you will discover your true self the person you are meant to be.


  1. It Can’t Be About the Money

One of the hardest facts you will have to accept is it can’t be about the money for a long period of time you will have to accept getting by will be the norm.

If you’re looking to spend your life doing something you love, the best way to start is to treat financial concerns as secondary. If the practicality of what you do and how much money you earn are your primary criteria you will instantly limit your options to what’s predictable and getting to do what you love will be tough. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to pursue your curiosity, you will find yourself in the position of power and, eventually, in the position to earn money on your terms.

Connecting to your unique interests and motivations and coming into your own authentic self, gives you power in your chosen discipline that others can’t claim.

The reason for this is the unique fit of these interests to who you are. For others, what you choose to do may seem like a huge risk, but for you, it won’t even feel like work. When your work fits who you are so well, you stand out as being uniquely capable and uniquely powerful. And the better you get at expressing yourself through your work, the higher your earning potential will be in that capacity.

4 What is Creativity?

The creative process is the act of making new connections between old ideas and new often transferring skills into a new concept or recognizing relationships between concepts.

Creative thinking is looking at ways to adapt transform and reinvent, what is already present and combining the pieces in a way that has not been done previously.

While being creative isn’t easy, nearly all great ideas follow a similar creative process.


The Creative Process

  1. Gather new material.At first, you learn. During this stage, you focus on

1) learning specific material directly related to your task

2) learning general material by becoming fascinated with a wide range of concepts.


  1. Thoroughly work with the materials in your mind.During this stage,

you examine what you have learned by looking at the facts from different angles and experimenting with fitting various ideas together.


  1. Step away from the problem.Next, you put the problem completely out of your mind and go do something else that excites you and energizes you.



  1. Let your idea return to you.At some point, but only after you have stopped thinking about it, your idea will come back to you with a flash of insight and renewed energy.


  1. Shape and develop your idea based on research.For any idea to succeed, you must release it out into the world, submit it to criticism, and adapt it as needed.


Additional Consideration


For what purpose do I want this?

What will I gain or lose if I have it?

What will happen if I get it?

What won’t happen if I get it?

What will happen if I don’t get it?

What will happen if I don’t get it?


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